Request: Push up!

I got a request to show how to do a basic push up.  It was a first time video and we had our glitches. We did our best and will work on making these better in the future.  Again, remember to comment and like.  When we get support we can make more valuable content.  There is so much more to a basic push up that we didn't get to in the video.  Here are  some usefull cues you can use to get yourself into the proper position to start your own push up challenge.


  1. Start by lying flat on the floor.

  2. Bring the hands under the shoulders.

  3. Press the feet bringing the knees up.

  4. Without moving the feet imagine pulling the legs together.

  5. Squeeze the glutes.

  6. Brace the core (it's like bracing for a punch).

  7. Push up to a plank position. Make sure you are in one straight line from shoulders, to toes.

  8. Bring the crease of the elbows forward which will engage the muscle in the back.

  9. Push your body forward slightly which will help to ensure the shoulders are far from your ears

  10. Rinse and repeat

Kendra Pena-Collazo