Live IN your body


Suffer from pain or discomfort? Can't move like you used to years ago? Back issues? Can't touch your legs? We can help.

Movement in Science is based on a total body approach to wellness.  We integrate all elements of fitness, nutrition, soft tissue and basic movement patterns to ensure clients live without limitations.  

We focus on muscle imbalance, massage therapy and the anatomy trains to help simplify wellness in small digestible elements to make it simple to add to your life.  


Kendra Pena-Collazo

Ms. Pena is a Licensed Massage Practitioner with certifications in Fascial Stretch Therapy with the Stretch To Win Institute, IAST, Myofascial decompression and Kinesiology Taping.

She also is a certified Personal Trainer with ACE and AFAA. She also holds a group fitness certification through AFAA. Other certifications include Kettlebell Sport, TRX Force Level 3, Movement and Mobility from Mobility WOD and others.