I decided to have a session due hip flexor issues. Kendra was amazing. She knew exactly what she was doing. The session went extremely well and afterward I felt better than I had in a long time. It’s been 5 days since the session and my movement pattern has improved even further. I can’t wait for my next session!
— Heather Cantler. Marianna, FL

FST really helps to stretch tight areas of the body and helps correct posture problems.
— Wayne Emanual, Florida

I was totally sceptical about this but now that I have had two sessions I am a believer. My neck pain is gone and I felt so relax
— Gabriel Barber. Dothan, AL

First time Kendra talked to me about stretch therapy , I was a little apprehensive. After my back surgery 9 years ago, I had tried everything to relief my every-day pain with no luck.
When she did the first section I was worry ans tense, thinking that it my hurt or I the pain will be worse the next day. How wrong I was! I felt relax and the next day I was in pain but not as intense . Second section, I was relax and ready. I wanted this ! And I felt great, I almost fell as sleep. I could feel the stretch on my muscle and felt good. Next day I had more energy and wasn’t thinking about my every-day back pain at all. The third section I felt as sleep, yes I did! And once again it felt great. She also taught me some stretching techniques that I can do everyday. We couldn’t continue with my section since we live far away. But she opened a new world for me on how I can deal with my back pain without medications.
I completely recommended to anyone that have any muscle pain due to diseases, surgery, accident ect.

Thank you, Kendra
— Maribel Powell, Florida

I had two sessions with Kendra and my hamstrings were so tight I couldn’t touch my toes, I was only able to go to my knees. After my first session I was able to touch my ankles! It was so amazing!!! After my second session today I was able to touch the top of my feet! She did so well and communicated very well throughout the whole session. Highly recommended!
— Jenna Peronto, Florida

Kendra is exceptionally great at treatment! I had a stiff neck , tense shoulder was hard to turn my neck side ways for 3 weeks . After my massage I was able to move my neck better I felt so good and relaxed . She is very knowledgeable and knows the techniques how to massage to ease the pain . I Highly recommended Kendra she is one of the best I have been to around here .
— Moi Ellsworth