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MOVEment In Science

Fascial Stretch Therapy • Mobility • Massage

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Always in pain?

At Movement In Science we take a total body approach to find the cause of the pain not just a symptom. MIS does extensive assessments to find the best course of treatment for your individual body. This program is great for those that are getting older and have decrease range of motion or mobility issues.

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Want to increase athletic performance?

Sometimes as an athlete you are looking for that extra 1%, an edge, something to reach into your back pocket during the game, competition, or even a PT test. We can help unlock the “sticky” areas to increase energy force production and mobility.

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Stressed? Anxious? Depressed?

We know self care is so important but how do you actually put it into practice so that it is doable? Perhaps you have a deployment looming, past trauma, PCS, divorce, just day-to-day anxiety. MIS offers different options for those struggling with this issue. Our bodywork sessions can be conducted fully clothed to avoid any triggers while working on reintegrating healing touch in a safe environment.

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